Timestream makes legal teams more efficient

Timestream is a web-based chronology management solution built to simplify complexity, increase productivity, and make telling the story incredibly easy. This allows you to spend more time focusing on winning your case.

  • Simplify Complexity

    Timestream helps attorneys, paralegals, and legal analysts build complex chronologies in a simplistic way. By tagging, filtering, and searching, you can eliminate the noise and focus on the key facts. You can visualize your case on a multi-layered timeline, helping you understand what really happened.

  • Increase Productivity

    Timestream allows for team collaboration; multiple users can contribute to the timeline simultaneously, keeping it constantly up-to-date. Teams save valuable time by working collaboratively to increase productivity. With Timestream’s flexible ingestion options, uploading any data to the timeline is quick and easy.

  • Tell Your Story

    Your data has a story to tell, but keeping everyone up-to-date on the case can be time-consuming. Timestream can help you with these competing priorities. Keep your team updated by sharing a link to your timeline that they can access anywhere. Generate instant reports for briefings, or tell your story straight from the data with Timestream’s automatic presentation mode.


Who We Serve

No matter the type of law you practice, we know your chronology is a critical part of your case. Timestream was built to adapt to the unique needs of organizations large and small.

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    Law Firms
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    Corporate Legal
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    States Attorneys
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    Federal Prosecutors
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    Military Law
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Supporting Your Mission

Whether it's arguing your case, or challenging the opposing counsel's narrative, Timestream supports your mission.

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Integrate with your E-Discovery vendor's software to uncover the story even faster!

Tell Your Story

Timestream allows you to instantly communicate your story. Whether you provide your team with a read-only link to the timeline, or use Timestream’s export to PowerPoint feature, sharing and presenting your case is easy and efficient.

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    • Generate Instant PowerPoints

      Timestream allows you to export your smart slides to instant PowerPoint presentations, saving your team valuable preparation time.

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    • Share Read-Only Links to Your Timeline

      Keep everyone on the same page with read-only access to either a portion of your timeline or the whole story.

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    • Export Full Reports

      Choose what information you want to share with customizable reports and full lists of timeline events.

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    • Present Instantly in Presentation Mode

      Timestream's Presentation Mode lets you turn your timeline into a real-time presentation instantaneously.

Big Law Loves Timestream

Chronologies are primarily an internal tool we use to develop a defense and to better understand the facts of a case. It also helps us see the events in a way that permits us to poke holes in the theories of the other side and to call out the events that support our case. At trial, we tell a story, which depends very much on the chronology, but almost never incorporates the timeline itself. At trial, or during settlement negotiations, the story is almost never about what actually happened, but about how we know it happened.

Timestream's presentation mode is a critical part of that story.  Being able to more quickly get to the facts, understand the events, and to communicate more effectively is phenomenal.

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