Timestream Helps Investigators Uncover the Facts

Finding the facts and telling the story are two of the biggest challenges law enforcement officials face. The truth is often buried under overwhelming amounts of information, and communicating the story can be very time-consuming.  Timestream makes it easier to uncover the truth and to tell the story.

  • Understand the Evidence

    Finding the answer quickly is difficult when large teams work in silos. With Timestream, each team member can contribute to the timeline, allowing investigators to immediately begin analyzing the evidence as it is uncovered.

  • Follow the Story

    New evidence in a case can sometimes cause unexpected turns. With Timestream’s MapView, you can follow the story no matter where it takes you. Timestream’s MapView automatically plots events on the map, allowing you to zoom-in to a specific event’s location or expand it see how the events unfold over time.

  • Communicate Your Case Findings

    Whether it’s with the District Attorney, the Justice Department, or your supervisor, Timestream helps you communicate your case effectively. With Timestream, you no longer waste valuable time preparing for a brief. Share a link to your timeline, send automatically-generated reports, or use Timestream’s instant Presentation Mode.



Who We Serve

Whether you are an investigator in a single-person unit or a worldwide investigative agency, Timestream has the solution for you.  Timestream was built for both team collaboration and individual case management.

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    Local Law Enforcement
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    Federal Law Enforcement
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    Inspectors General
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    National Security
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    Federal Regulators

Supporting Your Mission

Whether you are investigating complex financial crimes or uncovering human trafficking rings, creating a comprehensive timeline is a critical step to understanding any complex case.

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See all Timestream Features

Integrate with your Case Management system or import from Excel to uncover the facts even faster!

Know What Happened

Timestream gives you the tools you need to cut through the clutter and figure out what actually happened.

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    • Timeline Visualization

      Timestream's patented technology helps you filter through the clutter and visualize the story.

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    • Storylines

      Group your timeline into layers to easily analyze intertwining storylines, providing clarity on the sequence of events.

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    • MapView

      MapView plots events on an interactive map, allowing you to see how the story unfolds across a broad landscape.

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    • Search & Filter

      Search all evidence, annotations, and case data in one powerful search query, or apply a filter to pinpoint events of interest.

Investigators Love Timestream

I've been on a continual search for a way to manage information in my cases, and at the same time display it in a way that is helpful to investigators, attorneys, and fact finders. I've found a number of products that do part of the job - but nothing has been as comprehensive as Timestream. This product is a powerful game changer for my business, and for my clients."
James Comstock
Insight Legal Investigations, Portland Oregon