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Up and Running in Seconds. No Installation Required.

Faster Organization

Timestream enables you to organize all your evidence in one place. Whether it’s surveillance footage, documents, images, audio files, or geospatial data, you can upload any type of evidence to your case timeline to build a comprehensive account of events.

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    • Drag n Drop

      Start creating events by dragging and dropping files directly onto the timeline.

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    • Document Upload

      Create events one-by-one, or upload documents in bulk.

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    • Import from Excel

      Incorporate your prior work into the timeline by importing Excel spreadsheets directly to Timestream.

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    • Automatic Capture API

      Use TImestream's robust API to capture events in real-time as they occur.

Deeper Analysis

Timestream allows you to visualize a complex sequence of events, while keeping the underlying source material only a click away. All data connected to a selected event is viewable alongside the timeline, allowing you to dynamically reflect on every piece of evidence.

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    • Patented Timeline

      Timestream's Patented timeline visualization helps you establish relationships between disparate people, places, and events.

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    • Interactive MapView

      Plot events on a map and see how they unfold over time with Timestream's interactive MapView.

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    • Powerful Search

      Search across all events, notes, tags, and document contents to quickly find the information you need.

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    • Tagging and Filtering

      Organize your events by adding tags and layers. Group them by topic or keyword, to quickly filter through them later.

More Effective Communication

Timestream allows you to instantly communicate your case information. Whether you provide your team with a read-only link to the timeline, or use Timestream’s export to PowerPoint feature, distributing and presenting your evidence is made easy and efficient.

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    • Instant PowerPoint Export

      Timestream lets you export your 'smart slides' to instant PowerPoints, saving your team valuable preparation time.

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    • Link Sharing

      Keep everyone in the loop with read-only access to either a portion of your timeline or the whole story.

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    • Real-Time Collaboration

      Invite your colleagues to join a collaboration team, and work together to contribute to the case.

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    • Presentation Mode

      Instantly turn your timeline into a real-time presentation using Timestream's Presentation Mode.

Enterprise Ready Features

Assembling your evidence, understanding the facts, and communicating the story has never been easier. Timestream's features encourage team-based coordination, effortless understanding, and fast, clear communication. Web-based, secure, and easy-to-use, Timestream is ready for your mission.

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    • Security

      Get peace-of-mind with encrypted HTTPS access, two factor authentication, and single sign-on.

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    • Large-scale Team Collaboration

      Enterprise users gain access to unlimited teams and users for ultimate collaboration.

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    • Management Dashboard

      Manage your teams, users, and their roles from your enterprise dashboard.

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    • Quick Start

      No training or installation required. Timestream was designed for a seamless experience.

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    • Activity Auditing

      Monitor user activity within the application, and prevent unauthorized access.

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    • Documented API

      Have something custom you need to do?  You can with our robust API.