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Organize your story

From documents and articles to social media posts and video recordings, it is easy to add any type of data into Timestream. To populate your timeline, you can create and add events as you go or upload spreadsheets of pre-organized data. Categorize your timeline with tags, filters, bookmarks, and layers. Drag and drop files right into your events. Use Notes & Document ID fields to annotate and detail files. Track events down to the second, or as broadly as a year. If you're working with others, Timestream will keep everyone on the same page with timeline updates in real time.

Timestream helps you unlock the key facts in your data.

Timestream Sample Timeline
Erdogan Interviews with CNN Turk

Tell your story

Whether its an investigation, case, or research, Timestream turns your timeline into a slick presentation. You can instantly create slides for timeline events based on the information you've already added. Timestream automatically formats the slide to feature the data you input, including geospatial data, file attachments and timeline snapshots. There is no need to copy and paste into Powerpoint, giving you back time to perform the work that really matters. You can flip directly from your presentation back to your timeline for context, open links and attachments directly from your presentation to dive into details, and share a link to a read-only view of your presentation.

Timestream streamlines your presentation.

Timestream is packed with features that accelerate your story

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Get peace-of-mind with encrypted HTTPS access. Plus, all files are MD5 hashed for a clear chain of custody.

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Find trends and relationships by scanning your entire case for key terms.

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Quick Start

No training or installation required. Timestream was designed for ease of use.

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Tags and Filters

Gain insights by classifying events with tags so they can later be filtered for display.

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Give others a hyperlink for read-only access to all or part of your timeline.

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Timeline Layers

Group your events into layers to easily analyze intertwining storylines.

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Start collaborating with your team, and stay organized and up to date in Timestream’s dynamic, web-based environment.

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