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Timeline Analysis and Presentation Solution

There's a story in your data. Tell it with Timestream.

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Whether it’s an investigation, litigation, or common operating picture, the story can last minutes or decades and be comprised of countless documents, events, and multimedia. Timestream helps you organize your facts, analyze the events, and present your story on an interactive timeline.

Rich tagging, layered timelines, and the ability to add supporting media, let you quickly and easily assemble the big picture. With integrated presentation tools, your data is automatically formatted into professional smart slides that can be shared with others. As you make changes to your timeline data, your presentation stays up to date in real-time.

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Timestream stories

Timestream gives people the ability to quickly and easily get a visual chronology of any story. Here's what our customers are saying.

"Timestream revealed new insights in our data, showing relationships between events and sequencing we were missing using other analytical tools. Our research teams now use Timestream to produce synthetic insights on how geopolitical events are affecting local actors to analyzing the progress of military operations. Timestream is one of the best timeline tools available complemented by great visuals. It's a critical tool for us because it captures complexity rather than simplifying complex problems."
Katherine Zimmerman, American Enterprise Institute
katherine zimmerman
"Timestream has proved a remarkably effective tool for my research team's work on the politics of climate engineering technologies. We have used Timestream to organize data to trace the emergence and evolution of a complex set of academic and public policy conversations. Timestream's temporal dimension is intuitive and immensely powerful. We have only just begun to scratch the surface in terms of Timestream's array of possible applications in academic work."
Simon Nicholson, Forum for Climate Engineering Assessment
simon nicholson

John Doe v. Bank of DC

John Doe’s home was foreclosed without notice when the foreclosing bank listed the wrong square number on the foreclosure documents. This timeline documents the case to keep his property.

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