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    There's a story in your data. Tell it with Timestream.

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Bring Clarity to Your Story

Timestream is a chronology management solution that enables users to work together to quickly and easily organize events, attach supporting evidence, and generate instant presentations.

  • Organize

    Organize all events, evidence, and supporting information in one searchable, interactive timeline.

  • Visualize

    View and analyze your data on Timestream’s patented visualization technology.

  • Communicate

    Eliminate hours of prep time, and keep your whole team updated as the story unfolds.

Timestream Advantages

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    Real-Time Insight
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Who We Serve

Chronologies are a critical part of the entire legal process.  Timestream helps all parties in legal matters, whether they are defending their company, investigating financial crimes, or working under-cover on counterterrorism operations.  No matter how you are involved in the legal process, Timestream can help you construct a well-supported narrative.


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    Law Firms

    No matter your firm's size, we know that litigation can be complex. Timestream offers the solution to help meet your firm's needs.

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    Legal Departments

    Corporate Law is the first line of defense for your company. Timestream helps you organize the facts and protect your organization.

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    Law Enforcement

    Whether you're in federal, state, or local law enforcement, Timestream helps you get the story straight and present the facts.

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    Federal Investigators

    Federal investigators often investigate long-running, very complex cases involving many characters and events. Let Timestream help you uncover the truth faster.

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    Federal Regulators

    Regulators often need to piece together what happened to understand compliance issues. Timestream saves regulators valuable time.

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    Corporate Investigators

    Whether it's corporate fraud, HR violations, or compliance issues, Timestream can help you investigate the story.

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Customers are Raving

Customers love Timestream because it saves them time, energy, and money. Here's what one of our customers is saying about us:

We began using Timestream years ago and have been impressed with its ability to adapt to the complexities of each individual case. Timestream allows our team of analysts to work together contributing to the timelines and assembling evidence, and our investigators can log in at any moment and see things progressing in real-time. We used to have to wait for excel spreadsheets to be completed and reports to be submitted, but not anymore.

I can say that without Timestream, cases would take longer and cost more money, and my superiors would grow very impatient.

Lead Investigator
Federal Law Enforcement Agency

Check out this Sample Timeline

On April 14th, 2014 Boko Haram kidnaped 234 schoolgirls from a school in Chibok, Nigeria and brought the simmering conflict in northern Nigeria to a head. This timeline explores the history of Boko Haram, from its roots as a failing al-Qaeda affiliate to being the face of Islamic terrorism in Africa.

See the Timeline

The Timestream Difference

Timestream was designed with the complexities of investigations and the intricacies of litigation in mind. Timestream has been battle-tested by large corporations, law enforcement agencies, and law firms of all sizes. It is in use by hundreds of customers around the globe and is helping them solve some of their biggest investigative problems every day.  But that's only the beginning of the Timestream Difference. Timestream is backed by Ntrepid's passion for building game-changing products, our refusal to compromise, and our commitment to designing beautiful, easy to use applications.  We call these Products of Magnitude.

There’s a story in your data. Tell it with Timestream.

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